The President’s Message

Achilleas Lioutas

Achilleas Lioutas


The Agricultural sector is an area where there is a real production and can contribute decisively to the economic recovery of the country.

Greek agriculture, like any other country’s agriculture, cannot respond to the national mission of recovery , without planning, support and processing of primary production. Without the existence of healthy and active cooperatives that respond to the needs of the era, serving the principles of cooperate spirit, for the benefit of the farmers, the national economy and society as well.

The Agricultural Cooperative of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products of Trikala is a fist-rate cooperative organization with an intense historical impact, which has a reliable present and a hopeful future. Being a well-organized organization and having an excellent operation, with a wide range of competitive and extroverted activities, thus they make it a dynamic cooperative group , which has a significant intervention role in favor of farmers interests while having an intense presence , in the local , regional and national economy as well.

Reliably, its size and credibility respond to the challenges and the demands of the era, by opening up new channels of meaningful communication through this website.

We exploit the potential of the new technologies in order to respond more effectively to the demands of the cooperative farmers-members as well as the need for substantial and reliable orientation or two-way communication on quality products, multi-purpose activities and innovative initiatives of the Agricultural Cooperative of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products of Trikala.