A confidential relationship

he Ginning Plant spearheads the Union’s activities – Agricultural Cooperative of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products of Trikala.

Located in a privately owned plot of 120 acres on the National Road of Trikala – Larissa, having modernized facilities, the experience of 40 years of continuous presence as well as the cooperative spirit that governs its operation, the Central Union Ginning Association – Agricultural Cooperative of Trikala is a dynamic activity that, throughout time , has developed confidential relationships with the producers of Trikala Prefecture, as its majority choose it for the delivery of teased cotton.

By having two (2 ) LUMOUS production lines of 800 tons production capacity, per 24 hours in teased cotton , two (2) cotton seed driers, two (2) warehouses of 4 million kilos of teased cotton, 6 million kilos of cotton seed storage, state-of-the-art ventilated warehouses , four assimilation forage pit of teased cotton , two (2) electronic weighbidges of 60 tons, the Ginning Plant has all the necessary logistical base in order to serve cotton growers as well as to produce products of excellent quality.

It produces ginned cotton, cotton seed, cotton pieces. It processes the cotton ginning waste , which is necessary for the energy production ( biodiesel), that is used not only for the covering of a part of its energy needs, but also for the improvemet of the fields.

The Ginning Plant is a fully vertically integrated plant that processes, manages and exploits the entire raw material. It is an extrovert activity since 95% of its products are aimed at exports mainly to countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

For many decades , the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Trikala, has been investing in confidential relationships, by having co-operative spirit or through decisive intervening and supporting of the teased cotton’s price , as well as by having quality products that cater for the expectations of the most demanding customer. Confidential relationships with farmers-growers. Confidential relationships with clients-customers.

You will find us:

1st Ginning Plant: 6th km Megalochori, Trikala – Tel: 24310-22911,55421,56175.

2nd Ginning Plant: New Monastery of Fthiotida – Tel: 22320-71491.


6ο χλμ Τρικάλων – Μεγαλοχωρίου
Τηλ. 2431022911-15

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