The purpose of the Union- Agicultural Cooperative of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products of Trikala, and especially of GEOTECHNIKI Service, is to offer the farmers οf our prefecture, as much as possible, greater coverage of their needs, during the growing season, by helping our producers overcome the problems that may be caused by diseases, entomological enemies, crop problems or other problems that may arise during the development stage of the cultivating plants. The presence of our farmers for on-the-spot checks on the field, aims to timely diagnose problems or to confront them coherently, with the smallest influx, always having as ultimate goal the maximizing production as well as the production of more quality products with the lowest cost to the farmer.

We support the producer and the production with pesticides of all kinds.

We cooperate with the largest producing companies and marketing of plant protection products, seeds and fertilizers in the area.

You will find us:

1st store: Megalochori Trikalon ( next to the ginning).Central Warehouse and Retail products.-Tel.24310 22061

2rd store : AGROVIZ : Retail Sales of products- Tel : 24310 72484

3th store : Pili Trikalon, Retail Sale of products- Tel 24340 22630

4th store: Parapotamos, Trikala. Product Warehouse- Tel 24310-51090

5th store: Fiki, Trikala. Product Warehouse- Tel 24310-51090

6th store: Megarchi , Trikala- Product Warehouse, Tel 24310-86480


6ο χλμ Τρικάλων – Μεγαλοχωρίου

Υποκατάστημα Πύλης

Πύλη Τρικάλων

Αποθήκη Μεγάρχης

Μεγάρχη Τρικάλων

Υποκατάστημα Κηπάκι Τρικάλων

4ο χλμ Τρικάλων Καλαμπάκας

Αποθήκη Παραποτάμου

Παραπόταμος Τρικάλων

Αποθήκη Φήκης

Φήκη Τρικάλων